Bexa Ultra Style V-Amo Night Black 3 in 1 Travel System



Baby Boutique is the First UK Stockist of the Bexa Ultra Style V-Amo Night Black 3 in 1 Travel System. Bexa is a forward thinking company designing there travel systems to be Ultra Stylish and future proof! The Styling on the Travel System is amazing the Silver chassis and gorgeous Black fabrics compliment each other so well. The Black fabric has a beautiful sparkle throughout.  There is embroidered Silver Bexa logos on the Travel System all beautiful touches of class.

The Travel System is amazing We have teamed up with Bebylux to offer you there amazing lie flat car seat Bebylux ‘The one’ Giving you a luxury i-Sized Travel system.

Included in Your Bexa Ultra Style V-Amo Night Black Travel System is

  • Bexa Black and Silver Travel System Chassis
  • Carrycot
  • Bexa Pushchair unit
  • Coconut Coir Carrycot Mattress
  • Pushchair Apron
  • Cup Holder
  • Travel System Rain cover
  • Insect Net
  • Changing Bag
  • Car Seat Adapters
  • Bebylux ‘The One’ Lie Flat Car Seat

Bexa Ultra Style V-Amo Night Black Carrycot Information

Bexa Ultra Style V-Amo Night Black

The beautiful Bexa Carrycot is large and spacious for baby. There are so many features Bexa have included with in the carrycot to ensure Baby is comfy and safe.

There is a large Vent in the Back of the carrycot hood to ensure cool air can circulate throughout the Carrycot in the hot summer months. The vent can be opened fully or just slightly and zips away for the cooler months and ensures no drafts can reach baby. The coconut coir mattress ensures baby does not get too warm.

There is a rocking base built in to the bottom of the carrycot which ensures you can settle baby after a long walk by gently rocking them at home in your carrycot. If you would like the carrycot to be steady there is little feet to pull out to ensure the rocking motion can be stopped and the carrycot will remain steady.

The super soft lining of the carrycot is all removable so you can ensure you can keep your pram clean and in pristine condition for baby.

Once Baby starts to get a little older your carrycot has the ability to sit up inside, allowing baby to see a little bit of the world whilst still ensuring baby has all the support of a carrycot, and if baby goes to sleep its so easy just to pop the back rest flat again.

Bexa Ultra Style V-Amo Night Black Pushchair information

Bexa Ultra Style V-Amo Night Black pushchair

The Bexa Ultra Style V-Amo Night Black Pushchair unit is large and spacious. The pushchair is designed for your babies future to last your family, again there is so many features Bexa have put in to the design.

Your Bexa Pushchair is world and parent facing. This ensures that the transition from Carrycot to big boy or girl pushchair is easy for baby and parents. When baby is still little you want to face them and interact with them the Bexa pushchair ensures you can do this at great eye level as the pushchair unit sits nice and high on the travel system Chassis.

The Bexa Pushchair unit is designed for all weathers. You get included in your package a beautiful foot muff to keep baby nice and warm in winter months. For summer months there is a vent built in to the hood of the pushchair unit which allows cool air to flow through the pushchair.

The harness ensures baby is kept safe and the matching harness pads ensure the straps are nice and gentle for baby.

There is an adjustable foot rest for baby providing support for little legs! The pushchair features a multi position back rest and lays flat for baby.

Bexa Ultra Style Silver and Black Chassis

Future proofing the Bexa Pushchairs was at the forefront of the design for the pushchairs. This is extremely apparent with the features of the chassis.

The Bexa Wheels are Gel Wheels ensuring that punctures can not ruin your day! The Gel wheels are virtually maintenance free. There is no need to put any air in to the wheels, a task which can be a little inconvenient.

The wheels are swivel wheels which also feature locking front wheels. This helps push on bumpy terrain. This travel system will be amazing on any terrain.

The suspension on the chassis also features some future proofing. The suspension is soft and bouncy for Babies however you can make the suspension firmer as baby grows and gets heavier.

Bexa Travel System Car Seat

The Bebylux Infant carrier included in your travel system can be used as a travel system using the car seat adapters included in your package for short journeys.

THE ONÉ by BEBYLUX is a new kind of luxury travel system for infants from birth to 13kgs / 40 – 80 cm / Approx 0-15 months.

Delivering the highest standard in safety, design, comfort and style. Revolutionary features include; iSIZE 0-15months, continuous LIE FLAT technology. This means that you can not only lay baby flat in your car but also on your stroller Chassis.

The Bebylux infant carrier has unique AIRFLO technology. Which vents cool air through your car seat. Paired with our unique patented fabric based synthetic bio, child and environmentally friendly coverings that neither get too hot in summer or cold in winter.

The car seat can be fitted using a seatbelt and belted in or you can purchase a Bebylux Isofix base at an additional cost.

Safety is paramount with features such as

  • Advanced Side Impact Protection
  • Integrated 3 point Holmbergs of Sweden advanced safety harness.
  • 6 point headrest and harness adjustment; using a single leaver

All integrated in to your Bebylux Car seat.


Bexa Luxury Upgrade

Included in your Bexa Travel system package is your pushchair foot muff and Carrycot apron. Bexa have an amazing additional Baby Sleeping Bag which you can purchase! It features a beautiful Faux fur trim.

The luxury upgrade also features faux fur hand muffs for you! These will keep your hands ultra cosy and warm in winter. The Retail price of the Sleeping bag and hand muffs are £129.99 However you can save money whilst ordering together with your Travel System. The luxury upgrade ordered with your Travel System is £99.

Delivery Of Your Bexa Travel System

Delivery is Free and is around 1-2 Weeks. You will be informed by our courier the day before your pram is due to arrive and then on the day you will receive a time to ensure you are home to receive your super exciting delivery!

Un-boxing your pram may be a little daunting which is why were are on hand to help. We want to ensure you have the very best service. Our Staff can be on the phone to talk you through setting up your pram or we can video call you to help if needed!

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available with a 10% NON refundable deposit. Your Travel System will only be delivered once ALL payments are made in full.

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