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The Insevio Synergy Plum Travel System 3 in 1 Pram is stunning. These Prams are Brand New to the UK by Venicci.

Venicci is a well trusted brand that has a fantastic reputation in the nursery industry and these Prams are an exciting new addition to there Brand. The Geometric Carrycot Shape is truly Stunning and something so different you will not see this on another brand, This Pram is set to be a real head turner and one of our favourites of this year! Available in Two Colours Grey and Plum. They are all perfect unisex Pram colours.

The Insevio Synergy is made with Eco leather fabrics.


Included in Your Insevio Synergy Plum Travel System 3 in 1 Package is

  • Insevio Synergy Plum Carrycot
  • Insevio Synergy Pushchair Unit
  • Light Aluminium Frame
  • Changing Bag
  • Travel Changing Mat
  • Rain Cover for the Travel System
  • Insect Net
  • Cup Holder
  • Car Seat

Insevio Synergy Plum 3 in 1 Travel System Carrycot Features

The Insevio Carrycot is beautiful. The carrycot is large and spacious for baby this will ensure you can keep your baby in your carrycot longer and keep baby laying flat to protect there little bones and backs.

There is a ventilation panel for summer at the back which you can lift up after unzipping the zip at the back which ensures the carrycot is snug and wind free when ventilation is not needed. There is also Ventilation built in to the base of your Carrycot.

The Carry handle at the top of your carrycot makes it really easy for parents to carry the carrycot with one hand.

Insevio Synergy Plum Pushchair

The Insevio Plum 3 in 1 Travel System Pushchair is suitable for Toddlers. One of the fantastic features of this pushchair is that it sits nice and high on the frame giving your little one a fantastic view of the world.

The Insevio Pushchair has a three position recline and is easy to do just with one hand. The pushchair is also world facing and parent facing meaning changing between the carrycot and pushchair is transitioned as baby can still see parent whilst facing parent facing. Then when baby gets more confident and independent you can turn them around to face the amazing world!

The leg rest is also adjustable ensuring your little ones comfort at all times. The Safety harness ensures baby is secure and safe when travelling and if you see below the fabrics are beautiful.

Features of Insevio Synergy Plum Travel System Chassis

The Insevio Chassis is a lightweight aluminium frame. It has a super small fold. You can also easily remove the wheels to pack the pram even smaller in your car!

The wheels are swivel wheels so ensure you can manoeuvre around even the smallest spaces with ease. When you are out and about in the country however the wheels are lockable. This makes it easier to push on rough terrain and long grass. Making this travel system a perfect pram for any terrain.

There is an adjustable handle which allows the handle height to be adjusted with ease just by clicking in the two buttons either side and altering to suit.

The Chassis also features a secondary locking system ensuring that the pram is even safer for baby to travel in. The stylish look of the frame is beautiful.


Insevio Synergy Travel System Car Seat

The Insevio car seat is suitable from birth to approximately 12 months. The car seat can be strapped in with the seat belt in your car with ease or is isofix base compatible.

The Insevio Car seat will also click on to your frame making it the perfect travel system for convenience and short journeys.

insevio synergy car seat

Insevio Isofix Base

The Insevio Car seat is compatible with the Insevio Isofix base. This can be purchased with your travel system just by adding it on checkout. The Insevio car seat is only compatible with the Insevio base.



Delivery is 1-2 Working Days, You will receive regular updates from the courier via text message.


Payment Plans

You place your 10% non refundable deposit on placing your order. Customers Payments are then split in to equal amounts over either 3 or 6 months.

For example a 6 month payment plan with a purchase price of £749 would be.

Deposit £74.90

6 payments of £112.35 which will start the month after you put your deposit down.

Customers At anytime can pay the payment plan off early by calling our store or visiting the my account section of the Website.  Your Pram will be delivered out to you within 2 working days of your payment plan being settled.

Insevio Synergy Pram Colours, We are Insevio stockists and we stock the full range

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