Venicci iSized DuoFix Digital Isofix Base



The New Venicci iSized DuoFix Digital Isofix base. This isofix Base is to be used with the Venicci iSized Car seats both the infant carrier and the Second Stage Venicci Car Seat.

*The Colour Matching None iSized Venicci Car seats can not be used on this base*

The Benefits of this base are that it is iSized regulation. It is a Duofix base which means it fits both Stages of Venicci Car seat. Therefore saving you money as you do not need to buy another base once your infant carrier is redundant.

The ISOFIX system consists of two fixtures which are located between the seat and the back of the car seat. Importantly, these fixtures are attached directly to the structure of the vehicle, providing stiffer fastening than a seat belt, as well as better energy absorption. The use of the ISOFIX snap system prevents incorrect installation.


venicci duofix digital isofix base

The reduced number of connections between the belts and the ISOFIX system maximizes the child’s safety by making it easier to transfer more energy to the car’s structure instead of the child. Moreover, thanks to the sound signalling for correct connection to the ISOFIX base of the Click n’ Drive control unit, there is no risk of the seat being wrongly fastened to the base, which maximizes its effectiveness. The Venicci duofix Digital Isofix base will Beep if the car seat is not fitted correctly.

Delivery of Your Venicci iSized Digital Isofix Base

Delivery is free. As this is a brand new product stock is limted however we aim to get your delivery to you within 1-2 working days. The day before your delivery you will get a text message to let you know its on its way.


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